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Media directory and PR tool

  • Create your own media distribution
  • Easily research contacts
  • Over 612,000 GDPR compliant data sets worldwide
  • Time-saving, intuitive mailing tool included
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Data and quality

Our media directory renteria contains over 612,000 media contacts from all sectors, regions and media genres around the world. Our research team continuously checks and updates the data and constantly captures new media and contacts. As data protection is a top priority everywhere, our data records are of course GDPR compliant.

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renteria enables you to achieve maximum targeted communication with minimum time spent. With just a few clicks, the PR software gets you exactly the right media contacts for your story and easily creates customised media distribution lists.

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Mailing tool

renteria’s practical features such as CTA buttons, logo integration, teasers, multimedia material, individualised addressing, dispatch planning and mailing history let you send your PR content to the contacts on your mailing list easily. Delivery and opening rates then enable you to find out if your mailings have been successful.



There is a free support service with the expertise to rapidly and competently assist you in any questions you may have on renteria. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding media data, you can contact our research team directly.

media contacts

Over 20
different media categories


Importing data

Have you already got contact details you would like to consider? No problem! Our support team will gladly import your data for you.

Exporting data

Of course, you can also export the media distribution lists renteria has compiled for you.

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