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It all depends on the data

The success of your stories stands and falls with the listeners. That's why we developed renteria, a tool that delivers the right journalists and bloggers on your topics at the push of a button and provides them with your press mailings. And the best: As news aktuell we take care of the maintenance and development of your contacts, so there is finally an end to outdated Excel lists.


We love data

In renteria you will find over 612.000 data records of contacts including their media and topics they work for. So you can put together press distribution lists for your stories in a flash and send mailings that literally go down well.

All fits one

You can use renteria exactly as it fits your business story: Not every story needs the worldwide stage, but maybe several storytellers. renteria can be configured exactly according to your needs.


GDPR is our strength

The importance of data protection is growing, uncertainties arise which contacts may still be addressed and how. renteria takes this worry off your hands, because all media contacts stored in renteria are constantly verified and released for communication.

International Relations

Often it is already difficult to maintain relations with media from one's own region. How do you expect it to work with contacts in South America, Asia or Australia? With renteria you can find the right media all over the world - as if they were right on your doorstep.


Everything you want to know about renteria

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