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ots is an extensive network across the media world, with your story at the centre. We bring your texts, pictures and co. into the editorial tickers of the Keystone-SDA, your own newsroom on our press portal and ensure more traffic, more perception and a higher findability on Google.

Worldwide communication

The world of media knows no boundaries - not even for your story! With our pool of global experts, agencies and multipliers, we make your story visible to your target groups - from Argentina to Cyprus.

Tell yourself

Who can tell your story better than you? With ots you build a coherent narrative chapter by chapter and convey all relevant information to all relevant target groups. ots is the storytelling device for communicators.


Content is King

A company story is not only made up of letters, punctuation marks and numbers. With ots you can illustrate your plot with pictures, videos, graphics and documents. It's your story, tell it any way you want!

All fits one

ots is a modular tool. Enhance the narrative style of your story as required and publish additionally via Native Ads, specialist distributors, or decide on additional target markets on the international stage.


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