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The right PR tools to meet your demands

You need the right PR tools to successfully communicate and news aktuell has committed itself to making sure your content gets seen everywhere your target groups are. You will always find exactly the right PR tool for your very personal requirements at our distribution service ots, media contact database renteria, our numerous native ads partners, and Presseportal to meet your own very particular requirements. Let our expertise help you optimise and expand your communication mix.

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ots: Your content distributed in a targeted manner

Your communication content only works if you are reaching the right target groups. Our ots PR tool sends your content through Swiss and international news agencies, bringing it directly to editorial systems at all relevant media. Integrating numerous content partners and Presseportal further widens online reach.

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renteria: Media database for your media distribution list

renteria is a PR tool news aktuell has developed to relieve you of the tedium of manually maintaining a press distribution list. Our high-quality data sets let you reliably reach media professionals, bloggers, podcasters and influencers on the same page as you. You can also use the integrated mailing tool to directly provide them with your content.

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Native Ads: Ideal visibility and high ranking in search engines

Native advertising puts your content exactly where your target group is. Your content is placed in direct proximity to editorial content on the websites of major media partners. You benefit from the media’s relevance and reach while making yourself more visible.

Native Ads
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Presseportal: Your communications portal

Publishing your press release on Presseportal lets you directly reach the audience most interested in what you have to say. Keyword targeting additionally lands your content directly in the inboxes of our numerous subscribers. You also give customers the opportunity to have a glance at all your communication content at your own newsroom in the portal. With 1 million visits each year, Presseportal is Switzerland’s most visited site for corporate content and appropriate penetration ranks it very high in search engines.

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Advantages of PR tools

Premium PR tools give you a number of advantages to make your routine communications easier. news aktuell’s solutions and products can be adapted and combined together to meet your requirements.

Extending your reach

When you make your communication more professional, you effectively increase the reach of what you are communicating. Our PR tools help you optimise and further expand your existing visibility.

Saving time with PR tools

Automation enables high-value PR tools to make your everyday communication easier. Using them in the right way saves you resources and significantly lowers the amount of time spent, for instance, maintaining your media distribution list.

Reliable contact with your target group

PR tools help you reach existing target groups and win you new ones, whether you are creating a media distribution list or seeking to distribute your content successfully.

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