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Media professionals and bloggers frequently find it challenging to filter relevant content because there is just so much information out there. When you have a profile in our renteria media directory, you decide for yourself which focal points and areas of interest you would like available as a contact. This lets you receive more targeted enquiries while positioning yourself as a worthwhile contact for companies in dpa subsidiary news aktuell’s leading media directory.

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Your benefits:

Your own individual profile

You have complete control over your profile, details and how you wish to be contacted for enquiries (email, phone or otherwise)

Expertise counts

Select whatever interests you and where you would like companies to find you as an expert from our 1,700 topics.

Only one profile

You will receive fewer specific requests, for example from media offices for updates.

Full control

You can view or change the information you have stored at any time. If you wish, we will keep you regularly updated.

Maximum data security

Your entries are stored only with your consent at our central database server at our Hamburg research centre. news aktuell complies with GDPR standards and enters only approved data and contacts.

Completely free of charge

Registration in our renteria directory is free and takes just a few clicks.

One of the largest B2B networks

renteria has combined 612,000 records from around the world and the database is growing.

Multilingual research team

Our research team is here for you and they speak several languages, enabling you to create and manage profiles in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Did you know?

Our Presseportal lets you subscribe to topics of relevance to you, so you always receive the latest media releases in your inbox.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Registering in renteria
    After you enter your data, you will be added to our media directory and become known to 3,000 renteria users as an expert.
  • 2. Selecting topics
    When you specifically select focal points from the range of topics we have available, you will receive news on your interests. With a total of 1,700 specialist areas, renteria has a topic fit for just about everybody.
  • 3. Receiving information relevant to your topic
    Now you can be available as a contact for PR managers and specialists, receiving from them the latest information. So you are always up-to-date and never miss any news in your area.
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Journalists / Editors

Journalism thrives on information: With a profile in our directory, you will always be kept well informed.


Blogs have become indispensable in the digital world and are an important source of information. renteria helps bloggers stay up-to-date.


Podcasts bring exciting topics over the airwaves straight to you. Your renteria profile automatically provides new input for episodes.


Freelance media professionals are independently responsible for sending stories about their field to various publications and they accordingly benefit from your renteria profile.

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