The press portal of the dpa subsidiary news aktuell is the most frequently visited portal in Switzerland for corporate content and a reliable source of research for journalists. But what is it that makes the press portal such an important authority in media relations?

Advantages of the press portal:

Presseportal Logo
  • 1 million hits per year
  • 1'000 companies
  • Mobile thanks to AMP
  • 10'000 e-mail subscriptions
  • Multimedia PR content
  • Top Google ranking due to SEO
  • Sector-relevant environment
  • Shareable in social media

Many paths lead to the press portal.
Which is the right option for you?


With ots, every press release is published in your individual newsroom and on the front page of the press portal itself.

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Publish press releases in your individual newsroom on the press portal.

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