International Communication
You say it and the whole world listens!

There are numerous reasons to go beyond national borders when it comes to communications. Whether it is a global product launch, an opening of a new location or a country-specific campaign. We publish your content where it has the best effect.

"My campaign is international!"

Global communication

In our network spanning more than 170 countries you will find exactly the right contact person from different agencies, media channels and our content partners.

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"I am interested in a particular country!"

International media markets

Book a distribution in one specific country of your choice. We connect you with national media and specialised media channels.

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"But I can’t speak Chinese!"

Professional translations

Companies wanting to distribute in foreign countries should be able to communicate in the respective national language. For this reason we translate your messages into 40 different languages.

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"I don’t have the right contact person"

More than 7.500 Content Partner

We connect you with wide-reaching online portals, media databases and social media platforms. Smart search engine optimisation helps your topics be sustainably findable on Google.

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"I don’t know how my campaign is performing!"

Extensive reporting

You will receive a detailed report listing opening rates, reached media channels, forwardings and more to be able to evaluate the success of your distributions.

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