Tips and tricks for your press release

You would like to share your stories with the media and broad audience? This is often a challenging process. There is plenty of other PR content vying for the reader’s attention.
But don’t worry – we have a few simple tips for putting together a professional press release ensuring you and your message are received and taken seriously.

The headline

The length of the headline is key: long enough for the reader to draw a quick and accurate conclusion about the content, but not too long, otherwise you run the risk of overstretching their attention. Journalists decide in a matter of seconds whether the headline has motivated them to keep on reading.

The W-questions

The lead (first paragraph of the story) should answer the essential W-questions (who, what, when, where, and why). It should also answer ‘how’. This ensures that journalists gain an overview of all the important information contained within the press release. Abbreviations and technical jargon should be avoided so as to maximise the potential target groups for the topic involved.

Press contact

A suitable contact person for press enquiries is essential for media coverage. If you forget to provide one or just provide a general contact, journalists have no point of contact if they have any further inquiries, meaning they will ultimately turn their attention elsewhere. Make it as easy as possible for your media partners to share your news.