Radiance for your communication

Slowly but steady the year is ending again. Short days meet dark nights. Exactly the right time to let communication measures shine particularly bright and achieve maximum visibility.

How to do that? It's easy with ots!

  • Texts, images, videos: Every content is going to shine.
  • Regional distribution or international communication: You decide!
  • ots includes a variety of distribution channels:
    • exclusive distribution via the dpa ticker
    • integration into the press portal incl. your own newsroom
    • additional reach through further high-quality media partners, online portals and image databases

More distributions with ots = more radiance, more savings!
Decide now how bright your communication is going to shine or rather how many distributions you want to distribute via our network. Simply select the desired number of distributions and send the completed form!

Select the number of distributions
and secure a discount!

*The discount only applies to new customers on distributions via ots in the DACH area and is calculated depending on the number of messages.

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